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This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions, comments, or to offer to babysit my kids, you can email me at unremarkablefiles(at)gmail(dot)com.

Disclosure Policy

I belong to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program where I earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon wants to make sure I'm not trying to pull a fast one over on you, so they wanted me to make that crystal clear.

What my participation in the affiliate program means to you is: if you buy anything through my affiliate links, the cost stays the same to you but I get a small commission. That's it.

All opinions on this website are purely my own, and I'll always tell you up front if I got something for free to review or if I was ever paid to write anything you find here on Unremarkable Files. Unless I say otherwise, assume whatever I write comes straight from my beautiful mind.

I also get revenue from third-party vendors who put ads on this site, because who wouldn't want to advertise here?

Privacy Policy

Third-party vendors on this website use cookies. Internet cookies actually have nothing to do with real cookies, which are delicious and pair well with milk. 

Internet cookies are little files on your browser where websites save information about you. For example, they save your passwords (which is why I don't know any of mine anymore) and try to show you ads relevant to your browser history (which is why I saw ads for men's one-piece long johns for weeks after researching for this post.)

For more on how Google uses your data, see their privacy policy. (If it really bothers you, you have the option to opt out of interest-based third party advertising here.)

Unremarkable Files also uses Google Analytics to track web traffic. I can see what pages of my site you visit, how long you stay there, your browser type, and so on. But I can't see your street address, the make and model of car you drive, or your high school yearbook photo. In other words, no identifying information is collected. I look at my analytics to figure out what you and other readers like on my site; then I try to write more of that, and less of the stuff you think is boring.

As always, you can disable cookies on your browser if you want to opt out.

Lastly, if you subscribe to my posts by email, I solemnly swear I will never send you spam or sell your information to anybody. That would just be rude.

Okay, I think we've covered all the federal regulations. And honestly, I can't believe you've read this all the way to the end. Go get yourself some ice cream or something — you've earned it!

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Unknown said...

Your disclosure policy is awesome! Now I want cookies... and Ice cream... and chocolate....

Jenny Evans said...

I didn't mean to make this so food-centered when I wrote it... I guess it shows that I was hungry at the time.