Friday, December 30, 2016

7 Quick Takes about Photoshop Fails, Bribery for Cranes, and Taking Toilet Paper Requests Very Literally

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


As you all know, I do 99% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon and let me tell you, I saw some funny things while shopping.

I had to keep it all under wraps until Christmas because my kids read my blog and I didn't want to spoil any surprises, so now I can share it all with you.

While I was researching Pack 'n Plays for the baby, I came across this one that didn't seem to contain a child too well:

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Yeah, I know there's a zipper on there. My kids would still be out of there faster than you can say "prison riot."


Then I was looking for lava lamps to furnish my creepy uncle's 1970s van for my son to watch while he falls asleep.

We ended up buying him something else, but the product images had me sorely tempted.

Take this one, for instance. I imagine the conversation beforehand going something like this:

Designer: I've got the perfect product image for those video game controllers you wanted, Boss!
Boss: What are you talking about? I asked for an image for the lava lamp!
Designer: Oh...
Boss: And I need it by tomorrow morning! You'd better come up with something fast.
Designer: Ummmm...

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

And just in case you're not a pair of conjoined twins who enjoy gaming together after a long day at the office, you can alternatively get the family version:

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

Mom: "This lava lamp is the perfect complement to our freakishly austere white living room."
Girl: "I love it, Mom! Can I touch it?"


The Hot Wheels bath ramp we got was a big hit with the 2-year-old (we followed the advice of one reviewer and got a color change car to use with it and successfully blew his mind) but I was not impressed with the product image. This wasn't just on Amazon, it was on the box itself!

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
What this picture says to me: we couldn't find an actual kid willing to play with this thing.

That kid isn't in the bathtub. That dad isn't in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure that water isn't even water, and the tub isn't real, either. It's like I'm in the matrix. Everything I thought I knew is a lie.


We've mostly been hanging out at home, playing with each other and our new toys this week, but we did do something constructive, too.

My 10-year-old is folding 1,000 origami cranes to donate to an organization called Cranes for Cancer and let me tell you, it is slow going. On Monday after dinner she taught the rest of the family to make cranes and then I posed a challenge:  if we collectively folded 100 of them before we watch The B.F.G. tonight, we'll have a treat during the movie.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

They were done by Wednesday at 10 AM. 

I can't say my contribution was huge, but I do think I may have beaten the world record for cranes made while nursing, in case that's a thing.


One thing I forgot to mention to wrinkly old me in my Letter to My Future Self about This Christmas was that Phillip went to the dollar store to get stocking stuffers and brought home "Goofy String."

That's right. It's not 'silly,' it's 'goofy.' So no copyright infringement there, thank goodness!

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Yep, just covering allllll the legal bases.

The canisters didn't last long but the kids certainly had fun with them in the driveway.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
My favorite thing about this picture is how Phillip is basically using the 2-year-old as a gun.


Generally speaking, the kids are reasonably well-behaved when we sit down to read scriptures as a family before bed at night.

I'm not sure if it was the Christmas sugar high or the novelty of being home from school for a whole week, but one night they were having a particularly hard time settling down and focusing. After several false starts we managed to finally start reading when my 5 year-old tried to tell me a joke.

"Knock, knock."

"After scriptures," I said, not looking up.

Undaunted, she asked, "After scriptures who?"


And here's what happens when you notice that the bathroom is out of toilet paper and you ask a child to "please put some toilet paper in the bathroom."

They take you very, very literally.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

To be fair, I didn't explicitly say "please refill the holder" or even "please put the extra rolls under the sink instead of leaving them on display in the middle of the room."

It's the subtle nuances of language that make parents tear their hair out, really.

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Unknown said...

I have to tell you that playpen would have saved me at one point. My oldest rip through the mesh side of ours about 12 years ago because his little sister was 'sad in there'. We turned the hole to the wall but he just did it again the next day. We haven't owned one since!

Jenny Evans said...

Wow. That's pretty funny. I guess you never have to worry about the safety of your younger children as long as your oldest is around, though!

PurpleSlob said...

Giddy to hear about the goofy string! No one had any Silly String, and I thought my life was over.

The Lady Okie said...

PACK AND PLAY WITH A ZIPPER. What are people thinking?

Michelle said...

Why in the world is there a zipper?!?!? I can't see one way in which that is beneficial for anyone but the child.

Jenny Evans said...

You know, I never stopped to consider under what circumstances you'd ever use the zipper. When would it ever be more convenient to coax your child to crawl out the side instead of just picking them up? Seems like there's not much added convenience to it but a much higher risk of a jailbreak.

Jenny Evans said...

Doggy door?

Jenny Evans said...

Dollar Tree.

Rosie said...

It's gotta be for moms who nurse their babies to sleep - then you can sneak away and zip up the side so they're still contained!

Rosie said...

I asked my husband to get toilet paper from the store, and he did. Then he left it in the car for a week, because I never asked him to bring it *inside* 😳😳😳

Jenny Evans said...

Well, then. That one was obviously your fault.

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Oh my goodness, those are some terrible photoshops! But your interpretation of them had me cracking up! The bath one definitely does not look real in the least bit!

Amelia J said...

As someone who puts my babies to sleep by nursing or rocking until they're over a year old, then has to lean wayyyyy over to gently set a sleeping baby in a pack n play, I would love the option to slide baby in from the side instead. Much more ergonomic. I can't imagine how well zipping a zipper next to a sleeping baby would go though, haha.