Friday, December 2, 2016

7 Quick Takes about Herbal Lies, Why Phillip Needs a Hazmat Suit for Christmas, and Choosing Vegetables Over Ice Cream

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


The grocery store was out of fresh cut basil in packages but they did have little basil plants, so I decided to get one. After all, they weren't much more expensive and I'd heard that herbs were easy to grow and impossible to kill.

Challenge accepted.

Elapsed time: 3 days. It's like I'm a wizard or something.


Like we do every Christmastime, I took the four older kids to go see The Nutcracker. I wish it had been later in the season but Thanksgiving weekend was our only choice for the ballet company we wanted to see.

And let me tell you that explaining to a preschooler when the mouse king dies that yes, he really dies in the story but no, the story is not really happening and yes, there is a person in that mouse costume but no, the person doesn't actually die in real life is harder than it sounds.


Just to wrap up a magical evening, we had a motion sickness situation in the backseat on the way home from The Nutcracker.

It happened only 7 minutes from home (7 very long, very smelly minutes) so we just kept driving. Partly because it was freezing outside and I'd rather ask Phillip to clean it up than do it myself.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

I wish this was a staged picture we took just to be funny, but Phillip seriously wore this out to the car. And he STILL came in dry heaving before going back out to finish the job.

As I watched this happen I was reminded of several occasions listening to him loudly retching in the next room as he changed the diapers of our first few children.

All I can say is that the man has a sensitive stomach and he really, really loves our kids.


My daughter's home preschool co-op was at our house on Monday, and since the lesson of the day was on the letter i, we all made ice cream.

(No pictures because 5 preschoolers jumping around with gallon Ziploc bags full of ice dripping water everywhere is kind of a Code Red situation that commanded all of my attention.)

"Do you want some?" I asked my 2-year-old as I dished out the finished ice cream.

"No," he said. "Want an avocado."

So we all sat around the table, us with heaping bowls of ice cream and him with a spoon and half of an avocado.

This wasn't very surprising because he doesn't care for sweets and never has. Over Thanksgiving weekend we made 4 pies, and he consumed a total of 0 bites. I'm fairly convinced that an alien race planted him in our family to observe Earth life.


In exciting blog news, the Unremarkable Files Facebook page hit 2k likes! I was hoping to break 2,000 by Christmas so thanks to everyone who helped me get there early.

That's 2,000 people I'm apparently making feel better with posts like this:

Or this:

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

Or this:

Or this:

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

When I told Phillip 2,000 people had liked the page he said, "Wow! And just think, for all those fans there are probably 2,000 more people who know you and don't like you!"

I think he was trying to express admiration for how famous I'm getting. I think.


I've had my new phone for a while now, but I just noticed something about it this week. The GPS is so congratulatory when I arrive at my destination!

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
You made it! Stellar work, you go-getter, you.

If possible, I would also like it to celebrate when I mop the floor and/or remember to put the laundry in the dryer. I'll be in touch with the Samsung people about this.


Lastly, congratulations to Crystal and Melinda for winning last week's Advent giveaway

Every day of December they'll be reading new a Bible verse with discussion points about Christ and coloring a pretty ornament for the tree.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

If you missed or didn't win the giveaway, you can also buy the Names of Christ Advent Devotional through my affiliate link by clicking here: Buy Now

Yes, I know it's already the 2nd but is there really anybody who does every day of an Advent devotional without missing a day or two or ten? Or is that just us?

Anyway, you could be a glass half-full person and think of ordering now as being super ahead of the game for next year.

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Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

We went to the Nutcracker yesterday. Before the show started, we read the book, so at least there wasn't the mouse king drama this year. My preschooler was more concerned with seeing our babysitter perform. But we were in the back row of the theater, and all the girls looked alike, and they wouldn't stay still for me to tell which ione she was. I finally just vaguely pointed and this did NOT satisfy the four year old. And yes, I have a no sweets kid too. I just don't get it.

Rosie said...

Grocery store basil is finicky - I've never managed to keep it alive for more than a few days either, and I'm generally good with plants! Perennial herbs are much more forgiving :)

JKemper said...

The Nutcracker is my absolute favorite! I can't wait to take our kids someday!
Yes, your husband is a keeper :) I remember when I was first dating my husband I had a headache that turned into a nauseating migraine on one of our dates. I spent the last half of the movie in the bathroom waiting for the moment that I'd be having my head over the toilet. It never came...that is until the exact moment we started driving away. We were an hour away from Logan and the poor guy had to put up with the smell the whole ride home. He never said a word about it, just pretended like nothing happened. That's when I knew he was the one :) lol

AnneMarie said...

I have the opposite of a green thumb, so that exact same thing happened to me when a family friend gave me some fresh herbs and chives since "they're so easy to take care of." Right. And it's nice to hear you be so reassuring about Advent stuff. I managed to pull out our Jesse tree and ornaments to start on December 1, and it's sitting in our living room, but did we put an ornament on it and read the accompanying Scripture yesterday? Big fat NOPE. So I guess we'll be playing some devotional catch-up this weekend, but that's just life ;)

Audrey Louise said...

I'm impressed you have that mask lying around your house... My husband has a very weak stomach so maybe I should invest in something like that for when we have kids... Ha.

Laura Darling said...

So funny that he wanted an avocado!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I was 1,000 of those likes, cuz I LOVE you!! lol congrats!!
Yes, do talk to Samsung! Mothers need all the positive affirmation they can get!!
Poor Phillip!
Thanks again so much for my prize!! Maybe by New Years' I'll have ink again so I can print them!

Anonymous said...

My prized possession when dealing with puke is one of my kids old hot pink nose plugs that came with their swim goggles!

Queen Mom Jen said...

Oh yes,a hazmat suit for Christmas should for sure be on the list. Oh guck. poor guy!

Jenny Evans said...

That's the only problem. You need to plan ahead to buy ink, which is no small feat. Good luck.

Jenny Evans said...

Thanks for saying "so funny" instead of "totally weird."

Jenny Evans said...

Phillip has all kinds of weird equipment in his workshop downstairs. He's a tinkerer.

Jenny Evans said...

That is totally us. It was a crazy weekend so we're behind already, but we'll do our best anyway.

Jenny Evans said...

That's good to hear. Phillip walked in and just started laughing when he saw it in the windowsill. I think his exact words were, "That was quick!"

Jenny Evans said...

That's a great first date story. Okay, maybe not your first, but it still wasn't too late for him to cut his losses and run away. He's definitely a keeper!