I like getting things done, I think stray wet hairs in the shower are the grossest, and the phrase you're least likely to ever hear from my mouth is "Wow, we arrived on time and everyone has shoes on!"

Oh, and I have 6 kids, so it's probably safe to assume that I'm writing this in my pajamas with a toddler climbing on my head asking for water.

People tell me that reading my blog makes them feel normal. If you like reading about messes, mom fails, and the occasional heartfelt post on miscarriage and defending big families, pull up a chair.

Well, not that one. There's strawberry jelly on it for some reason.

Every Friday I write a post called 7 Quick Takes, and since it's my favorite writing project on this blog I think I'll use that same format here to tell you more about me and my family.


I'm a big believer in documenting messes. Subconsciously, this may be because I know you can't kill someone and take a picture of them at the same time.

If you don't have a blog yourself, I highly recommend starting one. That way when the kids trash your house you can at least write a funny blog about it, which is better than posting a wanted ad for your replacement and running away.


Here's a picture of me and my husband Phillip, but since we both appear to be about 12 years old you can assume it's not current. (Just in case the groovy lamp, wooden coaster set, and floral loveseat in the background didn't tip you off.)

Phillip is the best co-pilot I could ask for on this crazy train and I'm truly fortunate that he continues to humor me on a daily basis.


We live in New England with our 6 kids (the youngest isn't pictured here, he's behind the camera on my hip trying to rip out my earrings.)

When it's nice outside and I can be pried away from my desk chair, we like to go hiking. And not just because it's the only thing we can all afford to do together. 

Actually, that's a lie. New England is stupid expensive.


We're Mormons, which is shorthand for 'members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' because that's a ridiculously long proper name.

I generally don't expound at length on Mormonism here on the blog, but it's a big part of my life and it does influence how I see the world and what I think about.

Mormon temple in Boston, Massachusetts

Click here for the longhand version, but in summary Mormons believe in Jesus, prayer, prophets, families, and attending a ton of meetings related to our volunteer jobs at church. (I like all of it except for the meetings.)


The bulk of this blog is pretty much a tribute to the ridiculousness of motherhood. As a parent, you say things you never dreamed would be necessary to say.

You find weird stuff in the bathroom.

You come across nonsensical scenes like this one, where one of my little bookworms appears to be using a hammer as a bookmark.

Motherhood is full of random hilarity and there is no shortage of it on this blog, either.


I also talk about being a cheapskate. I am a couponer. I will never pay hundreds of dollars for school pictures. I won't even waste 20¢ throwing out a diaper because it lost a tab. That's why they invented duct tape.

(Also, please note the pink changing pad cover. My baby is a boy. I'm not buying a new one.)


Lastly, I'm going to talk about food. You won't find recipes here, because I don't like to cook. The photography, when I can remember to take a picture before inhaling the food, will not be fancy.

But I like to eat food, and you'll hear about that.

Usually, the only photo-worthy food around here is made by Phillip, who is our dessert and holiday cook. If he's the French sous-chef of the family, I'm the prison cafeteria lady. 

— — — — 

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  1. Five kids! Wow, you are my superheroine. Amazing. I love New England...it is so beautiful there. Love your blog.

  2. This is awesome. I'm so glad you found me so I could find you. You sound like my kind of mama! And genius with the duct tape! I totally threw out two diapers in one day due to torn tabs and I wanted to cry!

  3. So hilarious! Why haven't I read this page before?? Love the "young love" pic of Philip and you! Why no, the furniture looks totally normal to me! ahahaha!
    Pink, schmink, he won't mind till his 40's, when he recovers the hidden memories of the horror you subjected him to. Don't worry, he'll send you the therapy bills!

  4. Jenny, I hope you get lots of extra traffic today. I put in 6 links to your posts!!
    1 reader already told me she came to visit, and that you're amazing! I agree with her!

    1. Thanks, Melinda! It was a totally hilarious story. May every time you get trapped in a public restroom be that funny. (To us, anyway.)

  5. I got together with my husband on a band trip in high school too! Except it was 1998 instead of 1996, but same story almost! It's so rare finding people that met their spouse in school these days!