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7 Quick Takes about Last Baptisms, the Problem with Cakes Shaped Like Cute Animals, and Decorating the Mantel

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday Saturday! Obviously I am not on top of life here. How was your week?


Great news! My college-bound daughter, who was previously waitlisted for the music school of her first-choice college, got a place in the music school after all! 

The way she found out was a little anticlimactic, though. One day out of the blue, she received the standard form letter for someone getting into the music school, which instructed her to accept her acceptance by a date that had already passed. 

We were about 90% sure it meant she'd been un-waitlisted, but there was a chance that maybe there was some clerical error, and we didn't want to jump around screaming until we were sure. So we were quietly like "yay" until she was able to call and verify it with someone in admissions several days later. 


My 8-year-old's baptism was on Sunday.  In our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) we see baptism as a two-way promise between a person and God, so we wait until a child is old enough to know what they're doing and what that means.

This baptism was extra-special for me for two reasons. One, the 8-year-old is my baby so this is my last time planning a baptismal program for my own kids. Two, my oldest son was recently ordained as a priest so he could baptize his brother. 

The two of them in their white clothes looked so sweet. Of course when I called them over to take some pictures, the older one immediately sat on the younger one and started wrestling with him, and that basically sums up what it's like to have boys.


At the baptismal program, we planned to show a slideshow of my son growing up like I have done for my other children's baptisms. Normally, I would've started a month beforehand because it's a lot of work, but this time I tried to be less of a control freak and delegate it to my older children.

Long story short, they didn't do it so I ended up taking over and going through 8 years of photos in the night beforehand and it was not enjoyable.

I think it was God's way of making sure I didn't get too sad that this was my last baptism... I was too happy that this was also my last slideshow.


My son's birthday cake was shaped like a duck, his favorite animal of the moment. We found it in a book of cut-up cake recipes that belonged to my grandma.

The cake turned out great and was so cute, although a little disturbing to cut up and serve.


I was having a video chat with a friend from my language exchange app, who pointed out that I had a giant bruise on my hand. I have no idea where it came from, but that's not the point of the story.

The point is that he thought "b-r-u-i-s-e" was a ridiculous spelling for how the word is pronounced.

Later in that same conversation we talked about history, specifically knights and castles. I promised to text him the spelling of the word "Medieval" later and it was going to blow his mind.

Then I had to explain what "blow your mind" meant.


Once upon a time, there were things on our mantel. Decorative things. Then we thought it would be a good idea to get our boys one of those over-the-door basketball hoops and everything on the mantel got broken.

I decided the other day that it's time to re-decorate the mantel area (and probably take down the basketball hoop for a little while) and found a pretty lantern and vase at Home Goods that I am in love with. 

But I wasn't sure what to put in the vase. So I asked whoever was around, which happened to be my 17-year-old and her friend. Her friend suggested "something with white" so I found these amazing faux jasmine blossoms on Amazon and I love the way they look together.

It's a start.

I told my daughter that I took her friend's advice and she told me, "We're each other's mom's interior decorators. Her mom is redoing the kitchen and asked me for advice, too."

This is a use for teenagers I didn't think of before.


I know I just said I was done with slideshows, but I actually need to go through our pictures again to find photos of my 18-year-old playing violin. I'm going to print them out and display them at her senior violin recital.

And this time I will definitely not wait until the last possible minute to do all of it.

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Jenny in WV said...

The cake is really cute! Although the head sitting alone on a plate does look a little disturbing. lol

That's awesome that your daughter got off the wait-list at her first choice school! I hope it is everything she has dreamed of.