Friday, March 1, 2024

7 Quick Takes about Blueberry Cobbler, Toilet Paper Roll Holders, and High Standards for the Drivers of Tomorrow

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


Yay, we got this really cool gift from Phillip's work!

Just kidding, it's a set of matching whiskey glasses which are completely useless to us. I appreciate the presentation, though. Really nice box.


My 7-year-old's gymnastics practice ends at 8 PM, so it's always a real rush to get him fed (he's always starving after practice), home, and in bed at a decent hour. So I bring him dinner in the car and have him eat on the way home to expedite the process.

One night while I was driving him home he paused and asked out of nowhere, "Mom, what even is  life?"

How do you begin to address that kind of a question? I mean, what I happened to say on that particular night was "I don't know, eat your dinner" because I was exhausted. But honestly. 


On Tuesday I took a friend out to lunch for her birthday, and my 12-year-old made her a blueberry cobbler. 

For the rest of the week, my daughter was craving cobbler so she made a second one just for us last night. It looked great coming out of the oven, but when we cut into it, we discovered that it was not baked through on the inside, not even a little bit. We ended up having to put it back in the oven for more than twice the time the recipe called for, so I'm pretty sure we gave my friend a raw cobbler goulash for her birthday and I feel pretty bad about that.

I'll have to call her to apologize this weekend. It's the thought that counts, right?


A while ago we replaced our toilet paper and instead of the old spring-loaded kind, I opted for the sort that is just a bar sticking out of the wall. Changing the roll now is a simple slide-off, slide-on operation you can do with one hand. It's super-easy to do, and yet:

I'm so confused.

What the heck is even going on here? At first glance, this appears to be the laziest display of laziness I've ever seen. They couldn't even slide off the old roll, they just plunked a new one down on top of it.

But then I looked at it a second time and got confused. If a person was truly lazy, why wouldn't they have used up all the toilet paper on the old roll first instead of going all the way across the room to the cabinet to get a new one?

The ways of people living in my house mystify me.


It was nearing 5 pm, so I asked the kids "What should we have for dinner?" 

I saw my 16-year-old open his mouth and then close it, so I asked what he was going to say.

Turns out he was going to sarcastically answer "Food," but stopped because he knew that if anyone in the house does that THEY GET THE HONOR OF COOKING DINNER THAT NIGHT. I have trained him well.

But anyway, my 17-year-old suggested grilled cheese but we'd just had it recently, so I asked if maybe there was some way we could spice it up. She Googled recipe ideas and this is what Google predicted she was going to ask:

One  of these things is not like the other.


Sometimes I just don't think I'm equipped to handle the level of bizarre things on the Internet. So there we were, looking up recipe ideas for ways to fancy up your grilled cheese, and an article claimed that "out-of-the-box ingredients like peanut butter can spice up your grilled cheese sandwich." 

Okay, but you do know that some things are out of the box because they just don't belong in the box, right? I then Googled "peanut butter grilled cheese" to see if that was a real thing multiple people did or just one serial killer on Reddit, and apparently it is a thing. I even saw one guy claiming to like grilled cheese with peanut butter and Granny Smith apple slices (but that really was on Reddit so you be the judge.)

Then again, I did come across an article called 50 Insanely Good Grilled Cheese Recipes that made me want to try almost every one of them, so what do I know?


My 16-year-old is taking online driver's ed next week, and I got this email from his auto school outlining the class rules: 

When I showed it to his older sister, she said that when she took online drivers' ed she used to play the piano during class with the microphone off and the webcam trained on just her face. Which it doesn't say is against the rules exactly, but somehow I think it's not what they meant.

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