Friday, April 16, 2021

7 Quick Takes about Clean Kitchens, Pee-Wee Soccer, and the Place to Go to Buy Free Stuff

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


Early in the morning, my preschooler woke me up by standing at the bedside whispering "Can I have breakfast?"

Still half-asleep, I pulled aside the blanket and said, "Let's cuddle first. Cuddling is my favorite."

Unmoved, he answered, "I think eating is my favorite so I don't die."

Wow, this kid really knows how to give a hint.


Since my minimalism rampage last week, I've been enjoying my super-clean kitchen. I'm actually not sure why it's staying so clean.

It could be because of all the stuff I got rid of that we didn't need.

Headed for the donation center.

It could be because four of the six kids are back at school instead of in the kitchen spilling jelly and leaving cabinet doors open 24/7.

It could be because I feel more motivated to keep on top of the dishes when they're not already buried underneath a huge mess. 

It could be that the rest of the family is scared of the crazed look in my eye and knows I mean business about putting their dishes in the dishwasher this time.

I don't really care. All I know is that I was able to turn around and snap this picture with no prep work or tidying up beforehand. IT JUST LOOKS LIKE THIS NOW.

Forget the open drawer on the right. For us, this is amazing.

The kids are home for spring break starting tomorrow, so it's quite possible the kitchen will be a landfill again in 12 hours. Only time will tell.


The 4-year-old started pee-wee soccer on Saturday and it's everything I hoped it would be.

Kids stopping to arrange the ball with their hands to get it positioned right for kicking? Check.

Kids stomping off the field in tears yelling "I never get it!" in the middle of the game? Check.

And don't forget The Clump:

Pee-wee soccer: standing in a circle kicking each other since forever.

This is the 4-year-old's first time playing soccer, and he loves it. He keeps running off the field to give me updates on how the game is going.

His one problem is that in this age group, they don't have goalies. My 4-year-old keeps looking incredulously from the unguarded goal to his coaches like, "Seriously?? No one else sees a problem with this?? This is a HUGE liability for the team!" 

Sometimes he just goes over and stands in the goal until the coach tells him to get out because... well, someone's got to. 


My 6-year-old drew a sidewalk chalk city on our driveway and I was admiring his work. 

He drew and labeled a gas station, a grocery store, a police station, and all other kinds of buildings you'd need in a city. Including this store:

I love shopping at the "free things" store.


I've noticed that our yard is beginning to show a literal trail where the kids run and ride their bikes around and around the house. 

At first Phillip thought it was going to make me grumpy because I like things to look nice, but it actually makes me happy because it means the yard is being used. I love that the kids are outside, running around so much they're wearing paths in the grass.

I'm all too aware of how fast 10 years go by, and that's about how long we've got left before the bikes stop going around the yard and the grass starts to fill in again. For now, it makes me happy.


I mentioned most of the kids are back in school full-time. Phillip has also been going back in to work every day this week, so it's been really weird after a year of having a full house.

This week they had a half-day and were all home for lunch, just like old times! On that day, the weather was beautiful so we had a picnic. It felt pretty amazing enjoying the sunshine and a special treat (strawberries, which I rarely buy because they're gone in two seconds and the kids just fight over who ate more) and playing the yard afterward.

At dinner that night, I asked the kids to tell Phillip about our awesome picnic and my 12-year-old, in characteristic 12-year-old fashion, replied flatly: "We ate sandwiches outside."

Sounds like he's having a very magical childhood so far.


And then, it inexplicably got cold here and as I type this it's snowing outside.

Which is perfect, because we're supposed to be throwing an outdoor birthday party tomorrow. So.

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Unknown said...

Kitchen looks amazing! Love how pre schooler thinks. And you couldn't be more right about track around the yard. Would you believe 13 lb. Pepper has her track around yard? Its about a foot away from the house. Dad calls it her "patrol of the perimeter" Which it kinda is. Not nearly as joyous as kids riding their bikes

PurpleSlob said...

Yeah, today I was talking to PP about it only being 10 years, before she'll be grown up!! Wow! And I felt really old, cuz then she said, incredulously, "You'll be 70?? In 10 years you'll be old!" Why yes, my dear, yes I will be. Thanks for that timely reminder!! lol
Peewee soccer sounds great! lol
Sandwiches. Outside. So.very.magical. Moooom.

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

SNOW?!?! That's crazy town! Your kitchen is amazing. Well, well, well done. I mopped the floor and then dropped my girls off for a sleepover at Grandma's (so excited about the floor staying clean for twelve whole hours). Of course, someone threw up and was home four hours later. So there's that. I would be thrilled with the track in the yard as well - it's fantastic!