Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Progression of Your Despair When Your Kids Get Sick

Having 6 kids is the best, but it makes for some pretty epic battles with communicable diseases.

Even if each person recovers quickly, it still takes weeks to run through every member of our 8-person family, adding up to what feels like a very, very long time of cleaning up bodily fluids and fighting the urge to dunk my head into a vat of Clorox.

But in the vein of turning my pain into art, here's a little chart I drew up so you, too, can know what to expect when a virus inflicts a week or more of projectile misery upon your house.

Okay, a puking kid isn’t really that funny. But when you’re a tired mom or dad with a vomiting child, a little bit of sick kid humor goes a long way. Here’s a hilarious chart showing the progression of the despair parents feel when the stomach flu hits their family. #sickkid #parentinghumor #stomachfluhumor #funny #momlife

According to a Pinterest course for bloggers I've been taking, people like articles offering free printables or something. So if you want a dowloadable PDF of this helpful chart for future reference, just let me know. 

Of course I won't be able to reply until we're through Day 7. I'll be busy constructing a funeral pyre for soiled underwear.

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Unknown said...

This is a great chart-especially the part about lighting Purell-covered hands on fire (I never have had the guts to do that, but I love watching other people do it). I hope everyone gets well soon! We don't have near as many people in our family as you, but I am finding that it's near impossible to make any plans with friends because of how sickness spreads. My husband has been regularly getting sick, and a couple months ago our toddler got Hand, Foot, Mouth and passed it to me and the baby. So I don't think we've had more than a week or two in the past three months where everyone is actually healthy at the same time!

Jenny Evans said...

It just gets worse and worse. And sadly we do just go out sometimes when someone is sick. If we didn't, we would literally be quarantined in the house our entire lives.