Friday, October 12, 2018

The 7 Quick Takes that Wasn't

Hey, guys. I'm still on my blog break (before you get all judgy, I'll have you know I wrote and scheduled this post way last week.)

It's come to my attention that some of you faithfully read 7 Quick Takes every Friday morning and because I don't want you to be devastated (or more accurately, slightly bummed for a few minutes before you see a video of a baby riding a Roomba and forget all about it) I wanted to hook you up with some vintage 7 Quick Takes.

Remember that time I went to a fancy dinner and found a bug in my food?

Or when my son broke a hole in the ceiling with a bouncy ball?

Or when I found my portrait drawn on the toilet seat?

Those were good times. 

Check out some of the #tbt links above and don't worry: I'll be back with a new 7 Quick Takes next week.

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Caitlin Spearson said...

I mean, is it even Friday without 7 quick takes???

melinda said...

Firefox works!! Still not able to post as PS, but at least I can post! I'll take it!