Wednesday, April 25, 2018

50 Perfectly Legitimate Reasons to Freak Out When You're a Toddler

Sometimes my toddler will be having a Phase 4 Meltdown over the fact that my shoes won't stay on his feet and my 12-year-old will sigh and say, "It must be hard being a toddler."

And boy, is she ever right, because here's a list of all the completely legitimate reasons toddlers have to straight-up lose it over the course of a normal few days:

#34: You can't pick up a spoon because you're already holding one.  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

1. The socks you put on your hands didn't have spaces for your thumbs like real mittens.

2. There was nothing in your cup after you dumped it out.

3. Your mom cut up your food and now it's broken.

4. Someone offered you a slice of cheese.

5. The laws of gravity applied to the block tower you're building.

6. Your dad failed to give you the right-colored cup.

7. You got a haircut.

8. Your stuffed animal wouldn't sit up by itself.

9. Your mom threw away the food you refused to eat.

10. Your hand got stuck in the printer.

11. Your mom stopped picking up your spoon after the 14th time.

12. You couldn't fit through the cat door.

13. Someone will not let you climb in the oven.

14. Your mom put overalls on you.

15. Somebody offered you a Hot Wheels car you didn't particularly want.

16. Your parent buckled your seat belt.

17. Someone ate the Goldfish cracker you specifically offered to them.

18. Your dad showed you how your new pull-back toy works.

19. You put on a bike helmet for fun and couldn't get it off.

20. Your mom turned the books on your bookshelf right side out.

21. Your dinosaur shirt was in the laundry.

22. Your mom wouldn't let you eat a rock.

23. A large object couldn't fit inside a smaller one.

24. Feeding yourself was messy.

25. Your parents won't let you hit your brother with a perfectly good piece of cardboard you found.

26. Your mom said your dad is at work.

27. Two puzzle pieces you grabbed completely at random and placed in an equally random orientation wouldn't fit together.

28. Your mom made dinner.

29. You were asked not to trample through the neatly folded laundry.

30. Someone picked you up.

31. Someone put you down.

32. The bird you were looking at flew away.

33. Your dad keeps catching you when you jump into the pool.

Oh, toddlers. The funniest things can trigger a tantrum or a meltdown for 1 year olds and 2 year olds, and this list proves it. #toddlers #parentinghumor

34. You couldn't pick up a spoon because you're already holding one.

35. Your mom wouldn't let you scrub the shower with her toothbrush.

36. There are no more bananas in the house.

37. Things fell out of your bucket when you tipped it over.

38. You drew on yourself and now there's drawing all over you.

39. Your mom sat down.

40. Your parent wouldn't let you eat out of the trash.

41. The toilet flush made a noise.

42. The tape was sticky.

43. The dirt was dirty.

44. The water was wet.

45. Your dad wouldn't let you wear snow boots to bed.

46. The iPad was dead.

47. You closed the door and now it's shut.

48. The Barbie shoe would not fit on your foot.

49. Your mom made eye contact with you.

50. The wheeled, swiveling desk chair had wheels. And it swiveled.

See? Being a toddler is hard. Just imagine having this list of problems that's longer than you are tall  if you did, you'd have some serious anger management issues, too.

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Carolyn said...

Ha! Truth. Every single one. Love this post!

PurpleSlob said...

Thank you Jenny, for helping me keep my abs toned, with all the belly laughs you give me!!