Monday, January 29, 2018

Never, Never Have I Ever...

Have you ever heard of the game "Never Have I Ever?" It's harder than you might think to come up with mildly interesting things that you've never in your life done.

But after writing some facts you probably didn't know about me and one "Never Have I Ever" post of my own, I thought it was time for another. Any of these things that you've never done, either?

Never, Never Have I Ever...

... had a car loan. I'm frugal to a fault, and the only debt we have is our mortgage which will be paid off when I'm 45. (I'm practically counting the days, I hate debt.) We currently own a commuter car and a minivan, both of which were purchased used and paid for in cash. We fully expect to drive them both into the ground and then sell the unusable heaps to the junkyard for $40 like we did our first car.

Can you say you've never done these in your life, either? Take the bonus quiz and see how you score!
Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without. Goodbye, blue car.

... broken a bone. I've had other medical emergencies including an emergency C-section and a brain surgery (which I don't count because my skull was opened with precision by a trained professional versus being "broken,") but so far no broken bones. Actually, my whole family has been really lucky in this regard. The kids seem to prefer smacking their heads on coffee tables, rocks, etc. and getting stitches.

... sewed something from a pattern. I can use a sewing machine and sew straight lines. I'm actually great at straight lines. I've personally made every single curtain in our house because I can get exactly what I want and it's way cheaper. But I have no idea how to read a sewing pattern. Those things look like crazy topographical maps made out of tissue paper and I do not trust them.

... bought a Magic Eraser. Every mom I know swears by them. I mean every one. I asked. I hear Magic Eraser lives up to its name and actually is magical in its disaster removing properties. I'm not sure why I've never used one. I think at this point it's just become a pride issue.

... been to a pop concert. Orchestra concerts, yes. I've been to lots of them, and my daughter is an amazing violinist so I expect to go to lots more before I die. But I've never heard anyone in concert that you'd hear, say on the radio. I don't even think I'd know how to act at one.

... rented a birthday party place for my kid. Every time I get one of those flyers I think "it would be pretty convenient, maybe I should just look into it." When I regain consciousness after seeing the price of renting out The Little Gym for 90 minutes (which, coincidentally, is the same amount as our entire family's food budget for a couple of weeks) I remember I can throw a party at home or at the park for $40 and call it a day.

... cooked a turkey. I married up, and I say that because Phillip is our holiday and fancy occasion cook. We have the tastiest Thanksgiving dinners in the world and all I do is wash the dishes afterward. Seriously, look at this:

Can you say you've never done these in your life, either? Take the bonus quiz and see how you score!
I'm not even going to mention the Thanksgiving pies. You'd all die of jealousy.

Sorry ladies, he's all mine.

... watched a Superbowl game. You will never meet a person more disinterested in sports than me. We lived in New England for like 5 years before I figured out which sport was played by the Red Sox and which one was the Patriots. And a few more before I could remember if football was the Superbowl or the World Series. Frankly, it's really hard to sit through one of my own kids' sporting events without going catatonic by the end. Watching a bunch of strangers play? Blech, no.

... ridden in a limo. Just never done it. I guess I don't have those kinds of friends. I think I went to prom in my friend's dad's Toyota.

... donated blood. I want to be the kind of person the Red Cross can depend on to save lives, but I just can't. I fainted when they took a tiny tube of blood for the lab at a physical once; not only was it awkward to wake up on the bathroom floor staring up at the light thinking I'd been abducted by aliens, but it scarred me for life. Sometimes I think I should try; other times I remember that I also passed out once when I cut my finger deeply washing the dishes.

(For the record, I'm fine with blood as long as it comes from OTHER people. The odd emergency where one of my kids stumbles in bleeding doesn't faze me in the slightest.)

... bought Kleenex. Except for sending them to school when they're on the supply list, I've never purchased facial tissue. Our family isn't that fancy. When you need to blow your nose, you go get a few squares of toilet paper from the bathroom and take care of it. If you're sick, you just plonk a whole roll of Charmin on your nightstand. Of course, I think my younger kids would just use their sleeves regardless so the point is kind of moot.

Looking for more Never Have I Evers? You can find the original post here to learn about 10 more things I've never done, or you can take this Never Have I Ever: Mom Edition quiz below. If you like it, remember to pin it and leave a comment with your score!

It’s time to play this funny parenting edition of Never, Have I Ever! I got a total score of 1 on this game… how did you do? #momlife #parentinghumor
It’s time to play this funny parenting edition of Never, Have I Ever! I got a total score of 1 on this game… how did you do? #momlife #parenting #funny

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The Lady Okie said...

I actually don’t mind donating blood. The nurses always comment on how skinny my arms are and how giant my vein is. I have one in particular that is perfect for and IV and plumps up so well, and it gets tons of compliments! Lol

Queen Mom Jen said...

Oh my gosh, you need magic erasers! Stat. For everything. I will send you some if you still feel unmoved to purchase.

Audrey Louise said...

I've done a lot of these... esp the car loan and broken bone and concert ones. Lol. BUT never have I ever gotten my ears pierced (or any body part for that matter). I feel like that's my go-to for the game. I've donated blood but I don't anymore because they can't find my vein easily and it hurts SO MUCH when they dig around :( (Sorry for that visual.)

Jenny Evans said...

Actually, that's another problem I have quite often. They always have trouble finding a good vein! I'm not sure what the nurses are talking about but sometimes after several attempts they say they keep "blowing out" my veins which sounds so horrible I don't even want to know.

Jenny Evans said...

My claim to fame with nurses is that I can pee really fast in a bedpan. When I was on bedrest I always got compliments from nurses because "it takes most people forever to relax and just go." I guess using the bathroom with an audience for a dozen years has its perks!

Terra Heck said...

Fun game! I'm not into sports either, but I do watch the Super Bowl every year. It's just for the commercials though. I swear by the Magic Eraser.