Friday, February 26, 2016

7 Quick Takes about Nutritious Cleaning Supplies, Taxpayer-Supported Zumba, and an Open Letter of Apology to El Niño

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


The wait is finally over! Gluten-free Windex is now available at a store near you... mmmmmm.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Can't wait to try it when I get home.


As their last hurrah before the kids had to go back to school on Monday (except for ours, most parts of the country have figured out that a week of vacation in the middle of February is useless to everyone) we went to the aquarium.

It was packed, and the trip essentially was just my 2-year-old yelling "Fish! Fish!" for 2.5 hours.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Well, imagine that. Another one!

As we passed the penguins, they turned on some sprinklers mounted on the rocks and all the penguins froze and enjoyed standing in the spray. They all looked pretty hilarious, particularly this guy:

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Eyes closed, head leaned back... Yes, yes this is the life.


We also went on a hike, which is considerably more difficult than it sounds when you're hugely pregnant and the trail is hilly and covered in ice.

I think I'll decline to attend the next hike until the snow melts, but the kids had fun.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
The preschooler got tired so Phillip became the human equivalent of a charter bus.

The kids' favorite part was stopping at a frozen-over pond (even though it was warm the ice was still solid enough to walk on) and stopping to clear the path of a stream that was clogged up with dead leaves.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

I hope we didn't like, ruin the ecosystem by doing that.


On Tuesday we finally got to get rid of my son's class frog that we'd been watching at our house over the break. I couldn't wait to get that thing back, and I think the feeling was mutual.

I didn't think Kermit enjoyed staying with us, but now I have proof: I talked to another parent who had him over Christmas vacation, and she claims he kept them up all night with his loud croaking. Well, we had him for 10 days and he didn't make a single sound.

Actually, he did very little that led us to believe he wasn't dead. I knew he didn't like us.


Lately, we've been on an informal quest to show movies we remember fondly from our childhoods to our children. One of my favorites was Sister Act, which we watched together this week and it was even better than I remembered.

The kids loved that Professor McGonagall was in it.

As I went looking for an except from the movie on YouTube to put into this post, I came across what's most likely the strangest thing on the Internet.

Apparently there's a prison in the Philippines that teaches choreographed dance routines to the inmates as part of their rehabilitation, including one of the songs from Sister Act. I was literally unable to look away.

I can't quite explain how much I love watching the guy in the front because he is so into it. If you watch the video, even though there are 400 people all dressed in orange you'll know exactly who I mean. At 2:23 he makes you laugh until you cry, and then at 2:44 you die.


In sad news, Phillip went on a business trip and forgot his workout clothes and shoes. For most people that wouldn't be a big deal, and might possibly even be a cause for celebration, but for Phillip that's like forgetting to bring air to breathe. 

He was so bummed about it, but it's probably for the best since he's been having troubles with one of his knees. 

Maybe he can raise his spirits by going out for a company-paid-for dinner at absolutely any restaurant he wants and then going back to his hotel room that was cleaned by a maid while he was out and sleeping for an uninterrupted 8 hours. I've heard that's nice.


There have been a few really frigid days here this winter, but overall we've mostly been having the warmest weather ever. I went to an OB appointment in a T-shirt yesterday, if that's any indication of what I'm talking about.

All thanks to El Niño.

El Niño, I'm really sorry I got so impatient with you when you made us have such a brown, un-Christmasey Christmas. I love you. Usually by the end of February I'm twitching and talking to myself while wrapped in a huge blanket and crying because I have to go outside and buy food at some point.

This is beautiful.

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Unknown said...

Peter often uses the "that's Spanish for..." set up... I like the free meals, clean room, uninterrupted sleep vacation - sounds better than working out any day!

Chaun said...

Hahahahahaha everything about this post is amazing

Unknown said...

We went to an aquarium during bad weather once. Never, ever again!

Jenny Evans said...

I was completely shocked and astonished when we didn't lose ANYBODY the entire afternoon. I took one look at the line of people at the entrance and told my kids, "If you can't find us, find somebody with a name tag and a shirt like that and tell them you're lost, we'll come get you." I mean, I knew it would be crowded because it was cold and a holiday break from school, but it was so busy we couldn't even see some of the things in the aquarium.

mothers shadow said...

Oh Jenny, you make me laugh and I LOVE your humor. Your interpretation of your hubby enjoying his business trip brings back memories. My hubby traveled most of the time our kids were growing up. He would call with the kids screaming or causing chaos in the background (did you know you can toss tupperware lids when stuck to the wall due to a corded phone and it doesn't make noise, lol), while mac and cheese threatened to boil over on the stove as he proceeded to tell me of the fantastic dinner business associates treated him to at a mere $100+ a plate...aaahhhh. But, they do work hard and it's a tough thing to be away from the fam. Then again, I'd like to give it a shot:) Keep up the amazing work girl!!!

jen said...

#1: because i *LOVE* eating/drinking my cleaning products... how many calls did poison control get over that one???

#2: we had "winter recess" last week. my episcopal church did a day camp for the kiddos during the break but we didn't do it because i would have had to go with daniel and we had other things planned.

#6: i'd probably miss my kiddo a bit but i would probably have jumped to have the opportunity to travel when daniel was younger. being able to eat on my own schedule, watch tv, and not have to try and get things done with a kid trying to destroy the house would have been fabulous!

PurpleSlob said...

YAY!! My life is now complete! FINALLY they took the G outta the windex!! It hurt my stomach EVERY time I drank mine!!

Jenny Evans said...

This should be MUCH better for your digestion, then.

Jenny Evans said...

I shouldn't complain too much - Phillip and I did get to go on a kid-free trip to NYC for an unprecedented 5 days/6 nights last May. It was amazing. I mostly just couldn't get over how the bed was made every night when we came back to the room!

Jenny Evans said...

I know being away from home is tough in its own way. He'd better not call home and expect any sympathy if his lobster dinner was only so-so, though!

Rachel said...

Both #4 and #5 totally cracked me up!! We are the worst pet caregivers, too, and yet my family are the go-to folks to take care of a sugar glider belonging to dear friends of ours whenever they are away. My siblings really detest that sugar glider--it's a nocturnal animal which means it's up and noisy every night....

Jenny Evans said...

I don't really understand the point of keeping nocturnal animals, unless you yourself are nocturnal, but to each his own.

Lyndsay said...

That is some intense zumba action right there! ��
We have been letting the kids watch some of theovies from when we were younger also. They are constantly going 'I don't get it?!' While the husband and I are over here quoting the movie and oh so excited. Hehe. We are getting old.
As always your posts having me rolling in laughter.