Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Quick Takes about Unmanicured Eyebrows, Using the 5-Second Rule on Public Transit, and How to Steal a Car

I'ts 7 Quick Takes Friday! That's 7 quick thoughts for the last 7 days.


After our library's preschool storytime, the kids tore up black paper to make any kind of panda they wanted.

My daughter chose Unibrow Panda.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
Just eating bamboo shoots and not tweezing my eyebrows.

She insisted that the unibrow was actually an "ear," that it went right in the middle of his forehead, and that he only needed one of them.


My in-laws came to visit and while they were here we did the whole tourist thing, including a tour on the Boston Duck Boats.

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
That's my 11-year-old driving. (We were in the water.)

As predicted when I took my already overtired and overstimulated 1-year-old on an 80-minute tour (in which we were literally in the ocean half the time with no possibility of escape), the pacifier fell out and rolled across the floor under the seat next to us in the first few minutes.

Put yourself in my position: knowing that he'll never make it through the entire trip without a pacifier, do you A) retrieve the pacifier and wait 10 minutes until it doesn't seem as gross to give it back to him, or –

Who am I kidding? A. You choose A.


During the morning school bus rush, my 3-year-old called from the other room, "Moooooom, I really feel bad!"

"Why?" I rushed in, thinking immediately of stomach flu and looking for the closest object in the room capable of catching vomit.

"Because of Voldemort and Snape," she replied.

This child has obviously never read the Harry Potter books. But she's absorbed every fact about them that exists through her older siblings.


My sister-in-law Megan graduated from her master's program at Emerson College in Boston on Monday, and we all attended. My 1-year-old immensely enjoyed it and can now cross "sit through an hour and 45 minute graduation ceremony" off his bucket list.

Seriously, though, we're so proud of Megan.


To get to the graduation, we parked in a pretty shady establishment.

If you're not familiar with the parking situation in Boston, picture a major city built before cars were a thing, and then city planners later trying to jam spots in wherever they can.

There are a good number of bigger, respectable-looking garages, but hundreds of other little 40' by 40' slabs of cracked pavement tucked away in dilapidated alleyways, where you just pack the cars in as close as physically possible and give the key to the attendant so he can get it out for you afterward.

That's where we parked.

However, usually they give you some kind of receipt to prove that you're the owner of the car when you come to claim the key... at this place, they didn't. I just pointed at my van and said, "That's mine." I could have upgraded to a better one that I saw in the lot! Or I could go back tomorrow and pick one out!

I thought about putting a negative review on Yelp, but I didn't want to tell thieves where to go to get a free car.


I've been waiting to watch the movie Unbroken for a while. If you haven't heard of it, it's the true story of an Olympic runner who joined the air force and was taken prisoner by the Japanese in WWII.

It was a beautiful and well-done movie, but so graphic that it was hard to watch (just like the book was so graphic it was hard to read.)

But do you know what? The book was WAAAAY better. The movie should have been called Broken, since it ended just as he was liberated from the POW camp. At that point he was pretty broken. The book follows him throughout the rest of his life, when he pulled himself back together, found his reason for living, and learned to forgive (i.e: became unbroken.)

Have you ever watched a movie that you liked as much as the book it was based on?


Phillip and I are planning a trip to New York City in the very near future and we're really excited. Mostly because we can sleep in.

Our 6-day trip will be the longest we've ever been away from the kids together. We've been on some overnight trips, and a few years ago I went on a longer trip to Switzerland with my mom and brother, but never 5 nights with Phillip. Do you know how many uninterrupted nights of sleep that is? And how many mornings sleeping in?

Did I mention we'll get to sleep in?

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Jenny said...

I've only been to Boston once. The driving and parking is ridiculous. You can reach out and touch the car in the next lane! Definitely not something I'm used to.

Yes, yes, yes! Unbroken (the book) is way better. I think they did a decent job, but there was just so much missing. And I was also disappointed that they ended it there and they didn't go into the rest of the story. That's what made the book good!

RM said...

Hopping over here from the 7QT linkup. I have a really hard time with screenplay adaptations. I try to just forget that there was ever a book and enjoy it as an independently written film. It doesn't always work. :/
Enjoy your getaway! We haven't left our kids for that long yet minus other childbirths, but we surely enjoy a nice long weekend away every now and then. Have a wonderful weekend!

Moderate Mum said...

There are two cases in which I loved the book and film in equal measure - 'Fight Club' and 'The Reader' but in both those cases I saw the film first. I wonder if I would think differently if I started with the books!

Nicole said...

Option A is clearly the only viable option!

Jenny Evans said...

That's a good strategy for watching books done into movies. I think I'll try that next time!

Jenny Evans said...

Haven't seen either of those, I'm sorry to say! Mine would be "The Time Traveller's Wife" - actually, in that instance I liked the movie better than the book!

Jenny Evans said...

Thanks for the validation, I thought so too.

Rachel said...

The movie and book I like pretty much equally is "The Help"--but I saw the movie before I even knew there was a book, so I didn't have time to develop loyalty to the book first. Your upcoming trip sounds fun! I've never been to NYC...actually, other than Florida and N. Carolina...I haven't been anywhere in the East. Those states are so mysterious to me....