Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Snappy Answers for Why You Have So Many Kids {VIDEO}

If you're the parent of more than a couple of children, you've probably been asked at least a few times why you have so many kids.

I've written at length about the complex question that really is, but let's face it: there's not time to say all that when you're passing a nosy stranger in the cereal aisle. What if you only have time to shoot a quick zinger over your shoulder before they're out of earshot?

Well, you try one of these.

Let me know how it goes, and don't forget to share this video with the big family moms and dads in your life!

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I've been asked way too many times why I have so many kids. You asked for it, people.  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}


  1. Stick figure people on the van window 😂

  2. The question never leaves parents--Why do you have these many children? People ask it even if someone has one kid.

  3. The birthday cake one is kinda true for me. I spaced my pregnancies out through the calendar year so the gaps between birthday parties wasn't too big.

  4. So funny! I'm going to use the birthday cake one. Counting me and my husband with our 6 kids, we have 8 of the 12 months covered. Maybe we should try for the other 4 months?! Birthday cake every month of the year is a worthy goal. (-: Thanks for the laugh!

  5. The birthday cake one wouldn't work for me - too many birthdays crammed into only a few months. But the Sound of Music one - yes! I have plenty of singing (like the "ReadyJetGo" theme song at 6:30 am, the 4 year old singing along with the radio station's jingle in the car, and the long arguments over who can sing the song louder.) I just wish I had more kids cheerfully doing chores!

  6. This is genius!! Please PLEASE do more videos!! Do you have a youtube channel yet??