Friday, October 6, 2023

7 Quick Takes about the Flu, When It's Time to Get Reading Glasses, and Attempting to Get on a Bird's Good Side

 It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


This was a fairly unexciting week to talk about, because I spent two days of it (which felt like 100 years) in bed with the worst flu, and a few more days after that feeling tired and doing the bare minimum.

At general conference this weekend, the prophet wasn't able to be there due to his health, but he did give a pre-recorded talk where he mentioned that his excruciating back pain has given him occasion to reflect on the Savior's Atonement... I guess I am just not there yet because I did nothing of the sort. I just laid there moaning while the kids destroyed the house and Phillip did literally everything around here.


The whole family passed the flu around, but no one got it like I did. Phillip and the kids all stayed home for a day or two, and the 7-year-old suffered from a few more days of "gick in the throat" as he called it, but we're all pretty much better now.


My 11-year-old is going to a pumpkin carving activity and as she was perusing the pumpkins at the store she laid eyes on this unique gourd and that was it, this is the gourd she wanted. End of story.  

It wasn't until after we got home that I realized I have no idea how she's going to carve that thing without it looking like she's disemboweling a goose, but I guess that's not my problem to worry about.


General conference, the twice a year broadcast from the leaders of my church, was good as always. The kids looked forward to General Conference Snacks, of course, even my daughter at college who I mailed some to earlier this week.

When the leader pictured gives a talk, the kids get to eat that leader's snack.

During the five sessions of general conference, there were a lot of insights I appreciated, but likely one of my favorite talks was called "Abide the Day in Christ" by Amy A. Wright. Her full talk is here and I totally recommend watching or reading it, but here is a little bit of it:
As we drove home in silence, processing the news, my heart turned to our three sons. In my mind I asked Heavenly Father, "Am I going to die?" The Holy Ghost whispered, "Everything is going to be okay." Then I asked, "Am I going to live?" Again, the answer came, "Everything is going to be okay."
Some great thoughts follow in her talk, but it made me think of a friend of mine who often makes comments like "I wish I could have that kind of assurance" when we talk about faith. It makes me a little sad sometimes, because there's no reason she can't. There are so many ways and places to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, the best of which I sincerely believe is through the teachings and ordinances available in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

So my invitation to her (and to you, if you feel the same way sometimes) is to visit my church on Sunday, or have missionaries from my church come to visit you, or just get on your knees and ask God to help you figure out what the next step is and then do it, no matter what it is. A strong relationship with Jesus doesn't happen without effort on your part, but the work is so worth it.


I've made it to 41 years of age without needing glasses or contacts (even though three of my kids have them already!) and up until pretty recently it's been fine. 

But when the church youth group I lead learned how to cross stitch, I was surprised to find that I could barely thread the needle to save my life. It was also fairly hard to see the little squares very well, so my stitches look like they were done by either a preschooler or a gorilla.

In related news, my phone's photo gallery is full of screenshots of emails from my 9-year-old's soccer coach, because a weird formatting thing makes the print super-tiny and I can only read them by taking screenshots and zooming in on those.

It's not yet to the point where I'm ready for prescription glasses, but I did cave and buy a pair of readers at the dollar store. 

Feel free to ignore the giant cold sore on my lip, it happens every time I get sick.


Week Two of living with our new pet parakeet, and seeing as I Googled "what to do when your budgie hates you" yesterday, it's obviously going really well.

I think sometimes she gets stressed out by our noise, and other times I think the kids are just so eager they invade her space before she's comfortable with them coming so close. I've told them to chill out and give the bird more of a personal bubble until she decides she's okay with us, and they're seeming to respect that. 

The 11-year-old (the primary owner and caretaker of the bird) is currently sitting by the cage and reading to Miss Birdo once a day, and giving her treats in the cage but holding them just far away enough so she has to step on her finger to reach it. The Internet says even that can take weeks, so she's in this for the long haul.


It's starting to be fall color season! Strangely enough it's also been 80° out lately, but there was a cold week last week that must have triggered all the trees to get going.

This is 5 minutes from my house. I love living in New England.

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