Friday, March 17, 2023

7 Quick Takes about Time Changes, Not Being a Cool Kid, and Getting Tricked Into Promising Things to My Kids

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


How did the time change go in your house? My regular 7:30 AM leadership meeting on Sunday before church felt particularly excruciating, thank you for asking. 

One person there actually didn't know it had been Daylight Savings; her cell phone just automatically updated and her alarm just went off an hour earlier. When she realized it at the meeting, her eyes widened and she said, "So that's why I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck!"


To get out of our funk that afternoon and try to feel normal again, Phillip and I took the kids on an walk through the woods.

It took an ridiculously long time to get everyone to just stand still for .5 seconds so I could take this picture.

Abandoned cars across the brook from the trail.

It was nice to get out and get some sunshine, and it did help a little. But seriously, why do we have to keep doing this twice a year?!?


My 9-year-old has been obsessed with this sports drink called Prime. Apparently all the kids at his elementary school are drinking it and it's become sort of a status symbol. 

I'm usually somewhere between 2% and 5% concerned about making sure my kids fit in with what "all the other kids" are doing, but when I stopped at a different store with my teenager this week I told her I wanted to check if they carried Prime so I could surprise the 9-year-old with a bottle of it.

"Be careful, Mom," my 16-year-old warned, "This is a slippery slope. Being a cool kid is expensive."

In the end, they didn't carry Prime either, so crisis averted, I guess.


The other day I texted Phillip, asking him to pick up our 16-year-old who works at a grocery store:

When he came home that evening, it was with a confusing assortment: mint chocolate chip ice cream and a 2-liter bottle of cream soda. It sounded pretty weird to me, but he assured me that he saw it online, and I was willing to try it.

And you know, it grew on me. 

But I still don't know if I can endorse it as a legitimate dessert option. Where did he find this? Is this something just one random guy on the Internet does, or is this an actual thing? Have you ever heard of mint cream soda floats?


There's a zipper on my 14-year-old's backpack that keeps coming off the track. I've tried numerous times to fix it but it keeps breaking again, so he decided he's just not going to use that compartment anymore. 

The problem is that he keeps forgetting and pulling the zipper tab, then it's hanging open all day. I suggested taking off the tab so he just can't use it anymore, and he thought that was a great idea. With his characteristic high-energy, he bounded down the basement, snatched his dad's wirecutter, then ran upstairs and neatly lopped it off.

"Wait, was that even the right zipper!?" I yelled.

It was not.

When Phillip was younger, he fashioned a zipline from a high platform on a tree with a friend, and he was so excited to try it out that he leaped off the platform without first grabbing onto the zipline. Looks like it's hereditary.


My 11-year-old loves animals and has been begging us for a pet for a long time. Unfortunately she's allergic to everything, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, and rats. Yes, even the pet rats we purchased with her specifically in mind, she was allergic to.

Now that the rats have both passed away, she's on my tail to get a new pet. Hopefully one that doesn't make her break out in hives. 

She's latched on to the idea that a parakeet would be a good pet. I'm not even sure how she did it, but she got me to accidentally promise her that I will get her a bird if she saves up enough money to buy a birdcage and accessories for it. She was just so earnest, and her strategy wasn't begging but presenting all her research and asking how she can prove to me that she'll take full responsibility for said bird once we have it.

I think she knows I'm a sucker for kids who are independent and responsible, and she's using it against me.


I happened to watch the cutest little video with my kids, called "Sofia Stands for Right." At their request I watched it with them twice, and tried to cover up the fact that the antagonist on the bus was secretly making me die with laughter both times:


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