Friday, September 16, 2022

7 Quick Takes about Educational Field Trips, Overanalyzing Children's Films, and Bad Words You Find in the Bible

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


When I wrote last week's 7 Quick Takes, I was just about to go on a field trip with my homeschooled daughter to a war history museum. 

I'd heard good things about it, but it exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot about the wars the U.S. has been involved in, the museum volunteers were amazing repositories of knowledge, and I liked looking at all the artifacts on display.

If you will, please take a look a this German SS uniform

—and tell me it doesn't immediately remind you of this sketch:

I saw this sketch years ago and thought it was funny but assumed the skull thing was an exaggeration for comic effect. But no, their uniforms actually did look 100% like that. You'd think that would have been a clue.


Browsing through the museum gift shop was an entertaining way to end our visit, because of war history themed toys like these:

Let your kids' imaginations take flight with this miniature Panzer tank and evil SS henchman!

This is a tank plushie, you guys. I'm dead.

Seriously, though, it was a really well-put together museum. If two non-history enthusiasts like us could stay interested and engaged for three hours, you know they did a phenomenal job.


Phillip was out of town for most of this week and just came back last night. It was rough

First of all, the van died about two hours after he left. Luckily, he'd decided to take an Uber to the airport and leave the other car here, so I wasn't stuck with no transportation and 5 kids who need rides everywhere.

On the other hand, maybe having transportation and 5 kids was the rough part. I had to drive solo to drop off and pick up for allllll the activities. Basically I just drove around from 5-8PM every night and everyone was still late to everything.


The other day my kids were watching How To Train Your Dragon 3, so I went downstairs to watch with them for a little while. I haven't seen all three movies (or even most of the third one), but I am sort of in love with the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid. 

If I see one more independent-tough-woman-who-doesn't-have-time-to-be-nice heroine I'm going to vomit. I like Astrid because she's always encouraging Hiccup to be a hero. She shows that being nurturing isn't a weakness. In fact, I think it is a woman's real superpower. A woman's love can move mountains by inspiring everyone in her sphere of influence to do great things.

I'm sure this is WAY too deep of an analysis for an animated movie, but it's something I wish I saw much more in kids' shows and the media in general, you know?


I mentioned a while ago that the one and only game I play on my phone to kill time, Drop 7, stopped making an app for Android and I was really sad about that.

My teenagers recommended a game called 2048, and I tried it out but was really unimpressed. I just didn't get it.

Well, I finally figured out the strategy behind it and now I'm addicted. The point of the game is to get to 2048 and then you win, but you can keep playing beyond that until you die if you want. 

This week I made it to 4096, so I think I've got it.


My 6-year-old brought this home from school the other day:

The really cute part is how he even drew Phillip's messenger bag in the picture. (I asked if that's what it was and my 6-year-old confirmed it, but he called it "a work bag.")


A few years ago, my 16-year-old put a profanity filter on her computer. You choose which words you don't want to see, and designate an acceptable replacement word for them. Then every time you visit a website, it goes through and makes the changes.

Which is fine, but sometimes it makes us laugh. 

Last night, she was using her laptop to read the Old Testament for her religious study class and it replaced an archaic KJV word for "donkey" with "butt." 

It really takes some of the fire out of Isaiah's call to repentance if you think he said: "The ox knoweth his owner, and the butt his master's crib; but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider."

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