Friday, April 22, 2022

7 Quick Takes about Baby Yoda, What To Do When You See a Crime Scene, and Brave Mannequins at the Mall

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday! How was your week?


As I filled up the kids' Easter baskets last Friday night and set them side-by-side (we save Sunday for Jesus and do Easter baskets on Saturday in our house), it occured to me this will be the last time we ever line up all 6 in a row. My oldest is going to college in the fall, and this time next year she'll be away at college.

I didn't get too misty about it, however, because she was out of town for the weekend anyway so we'd already had our last Easter physically all together. Whoops.


Have you ever seen the movie Prince of Egypt. It's an animated musical retelling of the story of Moses and the Israelites, and since we just read it in our study of the Old Testament and it coincides with Passover which is depicted in the movie, watching it over Easter weekend was pretty much a given. 

(It's a great movie but if you've read the actual Biblical account with your kids be prepared to have a discussion with them about what the phrase "artistic liberties" means.)

I was planning to watch the movie for free on Disney+ but the kids searched and said it wasn't available, so they asked me what we should do instead. I said "I think it's on Amazon Prime for, like, three bucks."

"Three bucks?!?" The 5-year-old exclaimed. "I'm not payin' for any of that!"


My mom sent the kids a giant Baby Yoda gummy (with a little frog!) for Easter and it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

But very disturbing when your 10-year-old severs its head and slices it into pieces so all the siblings can share.


I follow a scripture study for kids manual with the 5- and 7-year-olds, and the Easter portion was a little heavy. It asked us to read Isaiah 53: 5, then asked the esoteric question, "How do you feel knowing that 'with his stripes we are healed'?"

Well, first we had to talk about what that means because blank stares. But when I rephrased the question and asked, "How do you feel about Jesus getting in trouble for something we did so we don't have to?" I got some insightful answers.

The 7-year-old thoughtfully said, "Sad... but also happy."

The 5-year-old narrowed his eyes and said, "On a scale of 1 to 10: not fair."


I don't often venture into the kids' bathroom, but I did the other day and was instantly sorry.

The drawers were all hanging open, everything they'd ever used to get ready in the morning was scattered all over the counter, and wet towels were strewn around the room. The trash was literally overflowing with bloody tissues, since my 16-year-old has been having daily nosebleeds all week (could be caused by allergies, possibly to taking out the trash.)

I decided I had three options:
  1. Clean it all up myself
  2. Close the door and pretend I never saw anything
  3. Grab some chalk and draw the outline of a body on the floor because it looked like a murder scene in there
I was severely tempted to go with option 3, but knowing that kids tend to one-up their parents instead of taking the hint, I settled for option 2 and hoped for the best.


I flipped over a copy of Reader's Digest the other day and was slapped in the face with this ad:

Apparently comfortable arch support is the main draw of these shoes now.

I know things change a lot, but I remember when Skechers was so cool. In middle school, their ads were in Seventeen magazine as the thing you had to have if you wanted to be remotely cool, good-looking, and popular.

Now they're the footwear equivalent of the granny sweatpants advertised in the Sunday coupon circulars.

Not that I was under any illusion that I understood anything about fashion now. This week I took my teenagers clothes shopping and was having trouble even identifying which articles of clothing in the junior's department I was looking at. Everything is so flowy now, it could be anything: skirt, top, tablecloth, poncho, tarp... who knows. Just don't wear it with Skechers if you want to be cool, apparently.


Also while we were shopping, I saw this bathing suit on a mannequin and the first thing I thought was: with those cutouts in the side and shoulder, it looks like she's been in a shark attack.

When I looked closer, I realized the mannequin was also missing a hand on that side and had probably been in a shark attack FOR REAL, and then I felt really bad for making fun of her.

She's a survivor, not the butt of a joke. 

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