Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Motivational Posters for Toddlers

The next time you walk into the office of a high-achieving professional or maybe a school principal, take a look at the walls. 

You're likely to see at least one motivational poster, the kind with an inspiring nature photo on a black background to illustrate a concept like "teamwork" or "success."

But what if you're not a corporate shark? What if you're, say, a toddler?

If toddlers had offices, these are the motivational posters they'd hang in them.

A toddler's motivational poster would encourage problem-solving:

And dressing for success:

And maintaining a curious mind:

Truly successful toddlers know how to play their target demographic:

And aren't afraid to be assertive:

And they know how to seize the moment when it really counts:

With a little determination, toddlers can reach the stars (or at least the scissors on the counter:)

Even if they are sometimes hard to work with:

And they don't always have it together:

But even so, we parents enjoy having our toddlers as co-workers (or is it 'bosses?') just the way they are.

Feel free to email me for high-resolution images of these motivational posters for toddlers: it just occurred to me that they'd make lovely nursery decor to inspire your baby.

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PurpleSlob said...

So funny!! And so true!!

Terra Heck said...

haha These would make awesome nursery decor!

Ellen said...

The naked one describes our almost 3 year old perfectly!