Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moms Can See the Future

Just like moms often seem to be the only ones in the house who know where the 7-year-old's shoes are and whether there's soy sauce in the fridge, we're also usually the first ones to sense danger. 

We can enter a room and with a single glance identify fourteen different choking hazards. We shut cabinet doors before kids run around the corner and smack their heads into them, and we pick things up off the floor that we know are just a fall and a trip to the E.R. waiting to happen.

Believe me when I say that moms can see the future.

Moms: detecting and avoiding potential disaster since forever.  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

Here are just a few things ordinary moms do to avert disaster every day:

1. Moving the cup of juice perched on the veeeery edge of the table.

2. Closing the bathroom door so the baby doesn't get in and play in the toilet.

3. Picking up the towel someone left on the stairs.

4. Picking up the Hot Wheels car someone left on the stairs.

5. Or the sock on the stairs.

6. Or the piece of paper.

7. Basically, picking up anything on the stairs people could slip on and die.

8. Seeing the toddler's favorite blanket/book/stuffed animal in a strange place (like on top of the piano) and putting it back in his room to avoid a bedtime meltdown when it can't be found.

9. Moving a scooter from the driveway where it would surely be backed over by the car.

10. Relocating a random pair of shoes to the mudroom so no one misses the school bus tomorrow morning.

11. Spotting the cap to a glue stick (or worse, a Sharpie) and reuniting them.

12. Finding a school folder on the floor and slipping it in a backpack.

13. Changing the blank TP roll so someone isn't caught yelling for help from the bathroom later.

14. Replacing the empty shampoo bottle in the kids' shower so the same someone isn't yelling for help from the bathroom again tonight.

15. Putting away the milk someone left out on the counter.

16. Removing a glass of water from the table where your daughter's school project is drying.

17. Hiding the pair of scissors you keep finding out on the coffee table before someone slices off a finger.

See? When I say moms have superpowers, I'm really not kidding. 

If you have kids, I'll bet you've done some of these already today. And don't tell me you can look at this picture without your spidey senses tingling at least a little bit.

Moms: detecting and avoiding potential disaster since forever.  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}

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AnneMarie said...

Oh man, that picture! I relate to this post so much. I can't count how many times I'll walk over to where my husband is sitting and take his glass of water (which is perched on the end of the table or on the floor) and move it.

Anonymous said...

Spot on for all! I literally move filled to the brim water glasses away from the edge of the table daily...

Diana Dye said...

I can do half those things just walking around my house right now.

PurpleSlob said...

Oh yeah!! The sippy in the middle of the floor, the shoes......

Jenny Evans said...

Every day here!

Jenny said...

Yes! Spot on with this one. Sometimes I think, "I'm going to teach them a lesson." And then I get real and move the item.

Jenny Evans said...

It's a good idea, but not worth the cost of the ER trip.