Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Official... I'm an M.O.M.

It's Official... I'm an M.O.M. -- I'm being interviewed over at Hands Full and Loving It about what it's like being an M.O.M. (Mother of Many.) Buckle up.  {posted @ Unremarkable Files}
As a mom of 5, almost 6, I'm used to shocked stares and not-so-subtle attempts to count heads when I take my kids out in public.

Recently, Christina over at Hands Full and Loving It asked if she could interview me for her blog's "Meet a M.O.M." (mother of many) series. And while I'm used to fielding that scandalized "How do you do it?!?" question in line at the bank (which is often just a more polite way to tell a complete stranger you think she's lost her mind,) Christina's questions were much more fun to answer.

I first stumbled upon Christina's blog when I was looking for encouragement after getting some not-so-nice comments about my family size. Didn't anybody have something good to say about big families? Google directed me (love you, Google) to a lovely article called Our Collective Memory Loss, and since then Hands Full and Loving It has been a favorite of mine.

No matter how many kids you've got, join me at Hands Full and Loving It today where I'll be talking about marriage, parenting, juggling a houseful of people, and recommending some books by people who probably have it together more than I do.

Click through to read my Meet a M.O.M. interview!

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Tubbs said...

Whatever size of family you have, someone will happily tell you it's wrong. I've got the one child and had numerous comments about the fact my family is the wrong size and I need to go have another child right now! Your family is wonderful and it's no one else's business what size it is. I'll have a look at Christina's blog. I love finding new things to read

Moonofsilver said...

One of my best friends has 10 kids. Or maybe it's 11. I do lose count with her :) but I love her large family! She also gets lots of stares....

Jenny Evans said...

I wrote a post a while ago called "42 Signs You Have a Big Family" and one of them was, "Even your friends aren't sure how many kids you have." It's true!

PurpleSlob said...

1 of the posts I link to today.