Saturday, August 22, 2015

No Educational Summer Update This Week, But How About a Funny Video Instead?

If you've been enjoying our educational summer vacation series updates on Saturday nights, I'm so glad!

But between unpacking from our D.C. trip and repacking (and unpacking again) for our camping trip, we took a week's break from pretending to travel the world. I prefer to think of it as "a conscious uncoupling."

I'll be back with our FINAL update of the summer next Saturday, so until then, enjoy one of my favorite things that exists on YouTube. And I mean it.

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Jenny said...

Haha. Sometimes we just need to talk to figure stuff out. And sometimes we really do just need to get the nail out. But most of the time I just get all that frustration out when I run.

Unknown said...

Is there a way to see all the places you've "visited" (other than scrolling through all of your posts...not that that wouldn't be enjoyable too)? I looked for a tag I could click but didn't see one. And have you posted these prior to this summer? I home school so wanted to see if some of your places match up with countries we need to cover this year bc why reinvent the wheel?

Jenny Evans said...

That would be awesome! The "educational stuff" tag should show you all the posts you're looking for (you can find it under "topics" on the sidebar.) At the end of the summer I'll post a round-up of everything, too. And I totally agree about not inventing the wheel.

Jenny Evans said...

You run, I eat an entire tub of Cool Whip by myself... different strokes.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I bet I need to read from my computer to see the tags instead of my phone. I will check it out.

Jenny Evans said...

Let me know if it still doesn't work - I'll have to figure out what's going on! (I'm my own amazing tech support team, so that could be interesting...)