Monday, December 8, 2014

Green Monday and What Matters

Apparently today is Green Monday. It's a real thing, the third biggest shopping day of the year.

I'm feeling so nostalgic, like just yesterday it was Black Friday! I worry that pretty soon they're going to run out of colors. And days.

Anyone else think this needs to stop?

The holiday shopping season starts in October already, and now we have a special shopping day with its own name every few weeks until Christmas.

I guess pairing alluring adjectives with random days of the week (It's Purple Thursday! Opulent Tuesday!) and great bargains that you must take advantage of right now or you will never forgive yourself is a good way to stretch out the holiday profits for the whole last quarter of the year.

This is making me feel stressed. Do you feel stressed?

Take a breather. There's only one must-have gift this holiday season, and it has nothing to do with Green Monday.

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